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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gosh it's been a while.....I kind of had forgotten about this until i seen a few people posting their blogs on facebook. Reading other's thoughts kind of got me into the mood of wanting to do this more. Lord knows i have nothing but time on my hands.

Well, since my last post in '09 Logan is now in school. He is in pre-k. He LOVES it! I sometimes think he likes the girls more. Gosh at only being 5 yrs old, he sure is a stud, LOL! This past summer, Logan took up Tball, and had so much fun! He has been practicing and is ready to play again. Shane is now in the 5th grade. He is to smart for his own good. He just got done taking his TASKs Test, and said he is pretty confident he did well. I am so proud at how well he is going in school. Jordan is in the 6th grade. He is now in the middle school, and is kind of having a rough year. Trying to adjust but the other kids are getting the best of him. He is in orchestra, playing the viola, and we have went to a few concerts this year. I hope he continues to learn it, and I look forward to listening to him play some Mozart or Bach in the next few years. He also made a role in the school play. We are very excited to see how he will do next month.

I still havent done anything with my schooling. I get so discusted with myself everytime I think about it. I do plan on visiting a college this coming week and finding out some kind of plan.... I am not getting any younger and I NEED to get this ball rolling. I want my boys and husband to be proud of me.

Jeff and I are doing great. Had a little rough patch when he got laid off, but things are starting to look better for us. I am hoping and praying that by tax season next year, we can put a down payment into owning a home. We all are so ready for it!

Well I promise not to be a stranger and not sure how exciting my posts will be, but 'venting' here sure is nice :)


Tseluyu said...

Tell LowKey I said hi! Hope all is well...